i’m think of using either a flat 6 twin or single turbo, OR a flat 4 single or twin turbo for the concept. been doing a bit of research and maths, power out put and stuff, here are the pictures. here are different types of single/twin turbo layout i have found especially v shaped engine.

1104 Audi R18 INA Engineering 109

i found this layout of a flat 4 placed in a chassis done up a CAD, i love this idea because its the same layout i want to use on my concept design.


other 120* degrees engine with a single turbo used on the audi r18 race car


great example is the subaru style flat 4 engine, they tend to use single turbo instead of 2 like they did in the past.


my theory is that with the flat 4 engine, a single mid sized turbo would work better than 2 turbo because 1:less turbo lag 2:amount of piston. down side is that the manifolds would have to be crazy, i think it will be easier to have a flat 6 twin turbo then a flat 6 single. its just crazy stuff and blowing my mind but i love it and find it very interesting, reason why im looking really deep into the engine for my design is because hopefully im going to draw in in my concept with the engine hood opened, and the glass view inside.

im really liking the flat  4 engine with small twin turbos on each end of the car OR a single  flat/V120* 6 single turbo for my concept, still hard tho, im so confused,

any help guys found be great