here is part 2 of the process of my mustang PS, hope its useful to you guys.

time for the wheels, again with the sketch design you already have, just start blocking in the rims then sketch accurately the rims. again if you need to use a underlay please do so because if the wheels are wrong, then forget. try go for the simplest design for the wheels. after add the tyre  and also the light catcher  tone on the tyre. apply any tyre tread, go for a simple design, i used the circles highlighted in blue. copy and paste the wheel then emboss to the right size, (this is to save time) instead you draw the rear if you wish.

mustang front process 6

just add the shadow lines on the bottom of the car, remember to mark carefully where the light is not hitting that produces the shadow


mustang front process 9

for the final touches i went simple for the shin affect on the windows, added the stripes and a quick background with the heading, don’t forget to sign your work, thanksmustang front final