this is the front of my mustang concept, i’ve done a process gallery to show you guys how i’ve done it just incase anyone needs help or something. bare in mind im no expert and im doing this the long way. if anyone out there that knows any tricks and stuff please let me know. thanks

first off its good to have a wacom talbet for photoshop, im using a intuos 5 a3 size (the bigger the better because you have more space to draw on)


knock out a well perspective sketch on PS, use a under lay if you need so.

mustang front process 1

draw on the wheel arches and ink it black, then copy it and set a less  toned black on it and make it bigger, this gives you a better idea of your design shape (remember to use layers and folders and label it to remember where everything is just incase you get lost.)

mustang frong process 2

after think very carefully were the colour and shadow line are going and were the light catcher is hitting, i spend at least 5-10min on this because if you get it wrong your design shape will come out funny and your not showing the body lines correct.mustang front process 3

i spend bit by bit on each part of the design and stick them in different folders if i have to change anything.

mustang front process 4

as you can see the front and side is complete which is the hardest part for me, 4 hours in, i think 2-3 hours more and done, anything or any mistakes i made, please feel free and tell me, remember im no expert.

mustang front process 5