final model, ill go through the process of the making, check it out

gear knob FINAL


this blue foam is the first test model i made, before i started designing i made a ergonomic gear knob to get the feel in different way, also for others with different hand sizes to give it a go. this gave me a better understanding on what im designing because i had to make sure that my designs will work functionally and has style


you can see the different marks on the blue foam gear knob, each colour line indicates the different style hand grip from people, my favorite hand grip is from the side because when you change gear you can feel the mechanical part in the gearbox more, just like a racing driver.


model 2 was the 2nd version of my gear knob design which was smaller and softer/smooth due to material testing aswell, people liked it alot but still a bit to big for the smaller hands

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model 3 was testing the wacky concepts of my design and testing the foam on what i can shape/strength and what type of paint i can use. the smaller handed people preferred this model because the it was smaller all around, esspecially the palm area.

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final gear knob making, using the orange foam because its stronger and has a higher finishes. sanding away


added a ringed metallic bearing at the bottom to give the knob style and taped up the design bit

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painting got underway


just little touch up’s, added the final parts which are the reverse button and metallic button protector – the button is for reverse because people from newer to older driver may slip the gear into reverse by accident. i was in a situation that i was the passenger in the back and the driver for falling a sleep in the car (he has a licence omg) at the traffic lights and he was in neutral then slipped the gear into reverse and the moved backward, luckily enough no one was be hide us. seen then i had the idea that will help the problem. the outer metallic part is to protect drivers from pushing the button by accident while changing gear. when pushed the button will glow and a beeping noise will indicate that the driver is reversing.


everyone tried my final gear knob from small hands to big hands. they seem to like it because it works well, such as Kim’s hand are small so she can grap the gear knob from the top which is preferred from her were as Matt preffered the top side grip. they along with other people found it easy to access the reverse button. the overall gear knob was a success and i was very pleased.

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