i went with my mates for the day, so so so cool, i sneaked into the paddock and met team audi, i saw…. drivers-benoit treluyer/ allan mcnish/ rockenfeller/  head of audi sport – dr. wolfgang ullrich/ head of engines – ullrich baretzky/   race engineers – leena gade and i spoke with chief engineer – howden haynes and he’s very shy but nice and took a picture with him, i also got andre lotterer autograph, downside is that he seemed cocky and uptight but oh well.


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leena and howden and me

130420132389 130420132388


new 2013 car, smallest one i seen over the years




there base, thats where everyone was



other teams were pretty cool and less shy than audi

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got my self right in the jmw motor sport pit lane during the race live on tv, it not the first time i done this but it was insane i even heard the tv reports saying there was 3 fans just hanging out of there, me and some other two, we got told off, i said my cousin was racing 😀

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when the race was over i was celebrating with the teams, i even got pop holder from the champagne , amazing

130420132409 130420132413 130420132411


other stuff/ f3,views,raining-cold, and the real 24hour race trophy which had security around, great day

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130420132403 130420132407

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