this is what i did during my art foundation, they wanted me to make some crap things…i said no and went off to build my own cockpit for my project.

i started off with a baby car chair that i could fit in, (and yes if you were wondering i had to go to toys and baby care shops to ask them if i could sit in seats). then i had some MDF wood and started build, strangely i had no design for this, i just pictured it in my head how i wanted it to look.

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measurements taking place


wrapped up some fibre glass for extra strength and shaped/sanded the air cone vent from foam


once everything was done i moved on to wrapping it up with carbon fibre wrap then varnishing every part for the shine effect.


happy days, finished



my bro testing in my room with my helmet on, he came straight from school for

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from this view i normally put my TV in front of the cockpit and play F1 on ps3 😀